Blue Screen xp


Feb 12, 2014
blue screen e310 .. ...0x00000024,(0x00190203,0x82f6e1805,.0xc0000102,0x00000000)
ran hard drive wdc wd-800jd-75msal......PASSED
...BOOT to utility partition .service tag 37got91
windows blue screen......PASSED hard drive errors....PASSED.........cannot boot the OS
cannot boot to anything...cannot get to a command prompt......i am often asked for an adminstrator pass word but i dont have one never did
tried to use ....rufus 2.18 on usb wont engauge if i go to boot device menu says unavailable
A 0x24 stop code is one of two things. 1) File System Corruption. if you can boot from ANY XP or newer OS disk and select repair your PC then choose Command Prompt and then run a chkdsk c: /r and see if it finds any errors or 2) your hard drive is failing. I NEVER trust those onboard diagnostics. if you can toss the drive in another PC and install Crystal Disk Info and run it. It might say Caution or Bad on the hard drive. If that is the case the hard drive is gotten so bad it can't boot.

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