Oct 5, 2008
I am using crucial ballistix pc6400 ddr2 800. I was able to overclock my system to 3.7 processor e8200 mobo gigabyte ds3l 463x8 vcore 1.35(1.31 vdroop) and the rest are at their nominal vcore. I did prime95 test for 9 hours which was fine, max temp 53 C. Recently i was running convertX and i tried to burn a dvd at the same time. The monent I started burning, BLUESCREEN and my system rebooted. I was quite sure this is memory because at some point in the past I had this clocked over 500 so i could drop the multiplier of the cpu to 7.5 to be able to decrease voltage on the cpu. I watched some video on the net and the result was blue screen. My conclusion was that I probably does not want to work beyond 500 so I set it back to where it was now. What do you think is my problem. The ram timing are set to auto. If i follow the recommended voltage on this one for 4-4-4-12 that voltage is red on my mobo. I dont even think its gonna help with the problem. What can i do. I would appreciate your feedback