Question Blue screen

Sep 25, 2020
Lenovo ideals 500_15acz . About a week after having trouble getting the printer to stay connected wireless. I was having trouble with the laptop. The only thing that would come up was a bank or very faint blue. Lenovo would come on the scteen. About 4min, after that was preparing automatic repair and then the balls. This would stay on for about five mins. The stern would go blank or a very faint blue.tried again 3 more times after holding the power button hoping to reboot, I would get the same thing. After a week of trying to get it corrected, I was now getting Please Wait, then the balls wou!d start it would do this for hours just going around until I would turn it off by holding the power button down. I have tried reminding battery, no good. Now the battery will not charge. The laptop runs on the A.C. plugged in. Now please wait and the balls come up with the Lenovo for about 5mins then the screen goes to a faint blue,it will Stay like that till I turn it off and the screen goes black. Thank You TwoToe

Stay loke