Question blue screen

Sep 26, 2021
I get the blue screen of death on one of my computers when i try run a Malwarebytes scan, it gets to the last part of the scan then goes into blue screen of death restart, or if i try playing games for a short period maybe around 10 minutes more or less roughly

I recently changed the motherboard, and i moved the position of my 2 hard drives neither of them have anything installed on them like the malwarebytes or the games, they're all running from the main ssd there were no issues prior with other motherboard, or the other one, this is the third motherboard

I tried reinstalling windows completely, still blue screens and restarts (this is the stage i am at right now), before that i tried uninstalling / updating / reinstalling all the drivers and stuff still had the issue, i will be trying to check the cable connections tomorrow but i wanted to get some help either way in case it doesn't work, since i did run stress tests on my cpu for like 5+ minutes with cpu-z and the temps were pretty normal 65-70 max, none of the hardware had any issues prior to new motherboard being installed, any advice / help would be grateful thanks.