Jun 11, 2004
hi, i recently put together a new computer and i've been plagued by blue screens, i havent been able to trace down the problem and i'm in dire need of some help/suggestions. about a week after i put everything together i had my first blue screen and eventually it got the point where there computer would randomly blue screen. after reinstalling windows everything seemed fine for a week or two, until the blue screens started up again. reinstalled again changed the RAM timings and messed around with a few things in bios. i thought i had fixed the problem, until today, after running great for a little over a month with the new RAM timings, the blue screens are back. i forgot the mention another issue i've had with the computers power supply, well, atleast i think its the power supply. sometimes im unable to boot up and i'm forced to open up the case and un-plug and re-plug everything back to get the computer to boot up. i can only guess that this is an issue with either the hard drive or the power supply even though alot of the issues seem to point to the RAM i really dont think thats the issue though, anyway, here are my specs:

AMD 64 3200+ running cool & quiet
K8T Neo-FIS2R K8T800
Seagate 160 gig sata hd
400 watt Antec psu
ati 9800 pro 256

anyone with the same mobo please help me out! i'm about ready to give up and send everything back. and can anyone tell me where and if windows logs blue screen erros to give better insight into the issue


Sep 15, 2002
If that is a newer Antec 400watt psu then you "shouldn't" be having any probs but with all those devices you probably want to consider a bigger psu. Just from what you have described that sorta makes me think it is the psu. I don't have an athlon 64 system so I dont know about their boards qirks but you might as well try a bigger psu. If it doesn't fix it at least your mind will be a little at ease that it wasn't that ;)

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Jun 25, 2003
If you think its your RAM or RAM timing, try setting your timings to default values.

Also, you can get <A HREF="" target="_new">MemTest86</A> and test your memory. If you get any errors, you need to replace your RAM. Try running it with one stick at a time.

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Sep 13, 2003
Not an expert but like he said the timings are screwed up I have 1 gig twin 3200xlpt corsair my board says use the cmx. But what the hell do I care :) I heard that both the msi and asus a8v had issues with low latency memory on the corsair website. I tested my memory on a gigabyte board it passed I tested it on my asus it failed. I adjusted my memory timings it still fails but I no longer get blue screens and have not for over a month runs great just an issue of latency for the ram and the memory controller on the cpu. Just raise em up and it should run smooth.

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