Question Blue screens of death

Jan 13, 2021
My friends' desktop computer has been getting some random blue screens of death from time to time — I would say maybe one every eight or ten days. Most of the errors occurred when starting up the computer — none during actual usage. The last couple of them put the Windows in recovery mode before booting properly, and the very last one occurred during usage.

Here is the album with the prints of the most recent error logs (more can be retrieved if so needed):
Here are the dump files:
About the Kernel-Power specifically: due to previous problems, both temperatures and power supply have been checked. The power supply was recently changed to a Corsair VS450, which should be delievering more than enough power, and temperature at idle stays at a comfortable 40°, and goes to upwards of 60° at load.

The machine in question runs a 64-bit version of Windows 7 (as you can guess by the prints) on an Intel Core i5-2500K, with 2x4GB DDR3 memory and without any dedicated graphics, but we can't determine the motherboard. With exception of the power supply (which is less than a couple of months old), all of the parts are second-hand and of unknown age. For as long as it is with my friend, this particular build of the system has ran Windows 7, which was installed by a computer technician, also a couple of months ago.

Since Google and my superficial knowledge on tech are proving to be insufficient to solve this round of problems, I would be quite glad if any of you could help.