Question Blue tint on the screen. Need help

Mar 16, 2019
Hello, how are you all?
Here is my problem:
2 Days ago I turned on my computer and everything in my screen was blue . So I started to test what was the problem, tried using other monitor, or other monitor cable, nothing. I decided to take off the graphic card and plug my monitor directly into the motherboard, and after i turned my pc on again, I saw that there wasnt any blue tint, i automatically thought that the problem was the graphic card. I have been using my computer without the graphic card since then, but there is another possibility, I use the VGA> DVI-I adapter, and I do not have another one of these to test if that could be this the problem. So I ask you, could that be you problem? If not, can my graphic card work without pluging my monitor into it? pluging in the motherboard instead and turning on both in the BIOS? would that work?
I do not know if this is any help, but I was using GeForce GTX 650.
Sorry for any grammar errors, english isnt my first language.
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