Question Blue Yeti USB or AT2020 XLR Setup for Discord Gaming?

Apr 7, 2019
Hi, i have a bit of a dilemma deciding what to go for between these two to use in a Discord setup. I'm looking for a setup that is suitable for twitch gaming.
Should I go for blue yeti and not have to buy a microphone stand, the AT2020 mic and an audio interface all at the same time? (I'm curious if there's anyone among you who also use the Blue Yeti and would like to ask your experience if its good for Discord twitch gaming).

I have read many reviews about the Blue Yeti, it seems ok. However there are also other videos in the contrary that also don't suggest getting it.
This is because of the inherent design limitations that USB technology can provide. Pre amplifiers do a better job converting analog to digital audio signals. So I'm also kind of thinking doing an XLR Setup.

I just want to migrate from my cheap headset mic because i often find that I need to speak my voice louder or there's some interference coming in sometimes (sorry I am not an audio expert so I don't know the terms)

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