Question Bluescreen Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme Bluescreen


Aug 28, 2009
Hiya everyone
I have had this build for 2 years and ith as worked nicely. Recently I begun getting more and more bluescreens. First they were rare but then culminated 10 a day. They could happen for various reasons.
Motherboard Gigabyte Xtreme TRX40
Threadripper 3990X
256 RAM Corsair Vengence 3600MHz
4 M.2 Samsung Evo Plus and 8TB m.2

I tried a LOT already, but I still get frequent bluescreens.
I tried
  • clocking down memory, changing voltate
  • Disconnecting everything
  • Replaced PSU
  • Replaced the GPU
  • Replaced RAM to another set of identical
  • Replaced the CPU (from a backup system I have)
  • Replaced the motherboard to the slightly newer version 1.1 (old was 1.0)
Still no luck. Now I'm testing to clone the operating system SSD and remove all other SSDs in case the harddrive is broken.
Other things I will try is Removing all Gigabyte software since some say they can cause instability and getting drivers directly from AMD.
Otherwise the problem could be windows so may need to do a reinstall, but I have a large amount of programs so this would be very painful.
Maybe do a ram check, but I did switch RAM already so unlikely both are broken.

One thing that is odd is that windows seems to stutter a little bit. Even in the BIOS this happens when you move the mouse. Maybe its related. so sometimes it stutters and then crash

Any ideas?