Question Bluescreen leads to "Unkown Filesystem" grub rescue error on Windows 11 ?

Jan 4, 2023
my system specs are:
i7 7700,
16gb DDR4.
RX 6800,
Gigabyte B250M-Wind MOBO.

Previously I had a 1050ti but decided to upgrade to this amd card, the motherboard I had before was an ultra cheap board that didnt have a removable CMOS [battery] so when I switched to this gpu I couldnt get it to play right, so I bought this mobo second hand off of gumtree (Australian craigslist basically).
Everything was working great for probably a week or so then I decided to install Samsung DEX to use my phone on the pc but as it was installing I got a random bluescreen.
When I tried to start my computer again I was greeted with the windows automatic recovery screen.
If I tried to manually boot from the drive with windows on it I just got "Unkown Filesystem - - Entering System Recovery - - Grub Rescue".

From what I can tell this is an error that usually occurs when people mess with windows partitions or install linux alongside windows but I have not done either of these things.
I have tried booting into the SSD from my laptop which definitely has a working copy of windows 10 on it (I am using it right now) but I just got the same grub rescue error with that option.
I have also tried reinstalling windows from a portable usb, but when it gets to the install screen it tells me I do not meet the system requirements for windows 11, I am assuming that this probably means some kind of hardware fault but when I check the system info in the BIOS I cannot see anything missing or out of place.

I have been tearing my hair out for a while over this one and dont want to have to buy another MOBO or CPU if possible so any help would be very very appreciated thank you :).