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I have gotten the same message 4 times. It is saying that an error has
occurred an in nv4_disp. the device drive or driver got stuck in an
infinite loop.
I did some looking around on google and found that it may be related to
my nivida video card. I downloaded the driver from, and
installed it and got the same message.
I was using MS Paint at the time. I have a Inspiron 2650, with a 1.7 P4,
with 512 mb ram. The video is built into the laptop MB.
I was unable to use the Dell live chat, and have sent an email to dell
about this. Im checking to see if anyone has any other ideas on this.
Thanks in advance


Mar 31, 2004
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thought i would picth in with my own experiance. perhaps it will help
lead you to a solution. i use the nvidia fx5200 and experianced the
exact same problem about fifty percent of the time when running the
video game madden 2004. downloaded updated driver from and
game patch from game manufactuer web site. no results. game ran
smoothly at all times(even before updates) but then started to run
choppy. i did not have even one problem with any other program at the
time or since. bought a new madden 2004 and it runs flawlessly. no blue
screen whatsoever. so i'm assuming in my case it was a software
problemmight be your case, too. and i wonder if you experiance the
problem when running any other programs? you may want to check for
compatability issues. and if you want any real help here you may want
to mention what are the specs of your video card and the system
requirements of the ms paint program. just my two cents. good luck and
happy new year : )