Bluescreen when I log on unless in Safe mode with Networking


Dec 31, 2013
When I log on to my computer, after about 2-3 seconds, the screen goes black and my computer blue screens about a second later.

I have recently re-installed Windows 7 64-Bit after my new SSD Drive would not work with Windows 7 because it kept blue screening. It worked perfectly fine (besides a few blue screens when playing some games, which I think I fixed) until it did 100 updates, and force restarted. After that, it configured about 30% of the updates, then blue screened. It rebooted, only this time, it got to about 40%, blue screened, then it rebooted. It loaded once more, but instead it tried to fix the problem itself and kept blue screening every time it did. I tried launching it in safe mode, blue screen. I launched it in safe mode with command prompt, blue screen. I left it until the next day, and instead went on safe mode with networking. It loaded up just fine and I did a system restore to a point before the windows patches (Which were critical updates) and it loaded up just fine. It tried to do the patches again and when it did completed downloading them, I restarted the computer. It continued to blue screen, before and after logging on like previous.

I have also installed a new CPU (Intel Ivy-Bridge i5 3570K) along with the SSD drive (SanDisk ReadyCache | Desktop Accelerator) and a new external network card (ASUS USB-N53 Adapter - Dual Band - Wireless N600).

Any help/solutions would be greatly appreciated :)


Dec 29, 2013
Make sure that you have your latest Motherboard drivers installed. I have experienced this problem before.

If all else fails.

1.Open up your PC Cabinet

2.Take out RAM chips and wipe them with a dry cloth.

3.Also take out your Graphic Card and wipe it too with a dry cloth and a brush.

4.Clean any dust you see on motherboard or around it.

5.Start your PC and see if that works.

I did the above steps and the issue was solved. Tell me if it works. :)


Oct 31, 2012
I would suggest taking your RAM sticks out, cleaning them, and re-inserting them into your system. What error code do you get when you bluescreen? If it says anything about memory I would definitely say your RAM is not working right. I would advise re-installing Windows 7 and ensure that you install the latest motherboard drivers for your motherboard. I've had to re-install Windows 7 3 times in the past week after I upgraded to Haswell. I'm beginning to think it really wasn't worth the upgrade if I'm going to have to re-install so much.