Question Bluescreen when starting game

Jan 13, 2020
My PC always used to work fine, and now i have a problem.
When i start up my PC it does like it always does, and then i can use my PC normally. but as soon as i start up a game, and im in the game for about 4 minutes then i see graphical glitches (idk how u call them) appear. weird patterns start to appear on my screen with diffrent collors. then my screen goes dark/freezes and my audio, and my screen doesn't work (so my pc freezes) after a while it bluescreens giving the error THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER

what i've done:
  • update AMD Drivers
  • update windows update
  • reset GPU settings to default
  • reset BIOS to default
i have no idea what to do at this point and would appriciate some help
these are my specs:
CPU - Intel i3 8100
GPU - AMD Radeon RX 580
Motherboard - ASUS PRIME H310M AR 2.0
PSU - Thermaltake SMART SERIES Smart RBG 600W
RAM (2x8GB) - HyperX DDR4-2400 CL15 288 PIN UDIMM
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1TB
SSD - Kingston 240GB SSD

Thanks in advance :)