Aug 4, 2023
Yesterday when i oppened my laptop i saw it was disconnected from the network.When i tried to connect back to my home Wifi it froze and then i got a bluscreen.I reinstalled windows and then when i wanted to connect back to internet i again got a bluescreen. After this i connect to my mobile hotspot and then it worked just fine
I dont understand why it bluescreen only on my house Wifi and what can i do to make it work because i cant always use the mobile hotspot because it is slow. I tried to reinstall the drivers,some cmd command but with no results
The error code is DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATON i googled about it and i see that the cause is that the PC is executing a DPC operation that takes longer than it is allowed to but i dont understand what does this means
Jun 14, 2023
If your laptop is encountering blue screen errors when connecting to your home WiFi network it works, I think this error indicates the laptop was stuck executing a task for too long when trying to connect to the network. Potential solutions could be updating wireless card drivers, resetting the router/modem, checking for WiFi interference, or testing the laptop with a different WiFi network to see if the issues persist. The DPC error seems tied specifically to your home network. Focus on troubleshooting the router and laptop wireless settings/connectivity to resolve. Using a mobile hotspot long-term is likely, but not ideal due to slower speeds.