Question Bluescreens and no dumpfiles getting created

Oct 25, 2020
Hi, since 2 days i have random bluescreens ... they appeared out of nowhere .. first it started with critical_process_died and unexpected_store_exception

  • i did a bios reset
  • i did a Memtest86+ on each stick , 8passes each and found no errors
  • i checked the ssd with multiple smart scans and no errors where found
  • i did not install any new hardware
  • i did not have a windows update that i installed for atleast a week priror to the crashes
  • i did install a windows update after i got the crashes to rule this out ( its fully up to date )
  • the bios is the most up to date version
  • i already reinstalled windows completly and now i get WHEA_Uncorrectable_error bluescreens...
  • cpu or gpu is not overheating
  • also did sfc and chkdsk aswell as dism online image repair thing all without any errors found
windows is not creating any dump files although it was set to create minidump
and now create automatic dump ...
nothing gets created ...
eventviewer told me the last crash

"Dump file creation failed due to error during dump creation."
the fact its not creating any dump files makes it really hard for me to find any solutions -.-

the system can create dump files though ( tested with a user caused bluescreen ) just not for those crashes for some reason...

it mostly crashes when i have a game running in the background
i also checked the 12v rail as good as i can during gaming ( got a multimeter hooked up to it right now to monitor the voltage drop under load )
it chills at 11.89v during loads even )

i cant seem to find any solutions ...

maybe you guys have some ideas or know how to tackle this

my specs are:
i7 8700k
Asus Strix z370-f
rtx2070 super
WD Black 500gb nvme ssd
SuperFlower Leadex 80Plus Platinum 1000w ( i know its overkill but i got this back when i had 2x 980s in my system )
here is a more detailed specs list


alright, i seem to have found the issue ... i found a cx550m ( grey label ) that i had still packed laying in a drawer and replaced my superflower with that psu, i immediaetly noticed that the 12v rail actually sits at 12.05v during idle, and under load dosent even drop below 11.98, wich seemed way better than my superflower wich sits idle at 11.95 already and drops to 11.89 at load, with that corsair psu i was able to game and watch streams for hours straight without a single crash, and for some reason i even got 200 more points in cinebench r20 ( while i had a stream running in the background ) , vs 2890 points completly in idle ... so to me , it seems like that my 6 year old psu is dying, if it aint be solved over the next few days, im gonna notify here in this thread, otherwhise
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well, 6 years is about right time for PSU to become questionable.

If BSOD return, maybe scan memory or storage as one reason why a dump isn't being created could be the drive itself is to blame.
unexpected_store_exception is a memory error, as the store in question is used by Virtual memory controller to track contents of memory.
critical process died is less obvious, it relates to microsoft processes and a number of them, can be boot files, can be user files, or simply files that windows cannot run without.

in case you do get any more BSOD and they do create dumps,
Can you follow option one on the following link - here - and then do this step below: Small memory dumps - Have Windows Create a Small Memory Dump (Minidump) on BSOD - that creates a file in c windows/minidump after the next BSOD

copy that file to documents

upload the copy from documents to a file sharing web site, and share the link in your thread so we can help fix the problem
Oct 25, 2020
If BSOD return, maybe scan memory or storage
well , like i already wrote in my post, i have run tests on the memory, 8 passes of Memtest86+ on each stick alone, and the ssd passed multiple smart tests from WD... i did anything i could find to make it create dumps, and it does/did create dumps .. just not for the crashes i got ... it was able to create one for user initiated bluescreens ... but i am running this since almost 24 hours now without any crashes .. so i guess it was the psu

i am now looking for a new one to replace the cx550m since i dont really trust that psu to be good enough for my hardware on the long run..
since i cant afford a expensive one, i was looking for a Evga 650 GQ , ive heard that one should be a really good one
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Oct 25, 2020
okay, i missed the mention of memory tests. sorry about that.
no problem, my question now is, either i try to get the evga or the superflower psu.. the latter has longer warranty ( 7 vs 5 years ) do you have any info on wich one would be better ? ( wattage i dont want to go below 650 since i sometimes get the chance to get better pc components and want some headroom )