Question Bluescreens ntoskrnl.exe+3f5210

May 16, 2021
Hi. I've been having blue screens off and on since I got my RX5700XT which was around 2 years ago . Since I got this GPU, my PC constantly blue screens and black screens.
I have reinstalled Windows several times and reinstalled drivers several times, nothing really worked I still have this issue to this day.
It happens in games, but occasionally it will happen when using the PC for chatting or browsing, and sometimes even a few seconds after startup. It seems to just happen randomly. It happens maybe 3-4 times a week I'd say.

I do want to mention that I do undervolt and change fan speeds, but the temperatures never reach above 110c which is the maxiumum safe temperature for this GPU. And they do seem to work in stress tests, but actual PC use still causes bluescreens randomly.
I still have blue screens even with default voltage settings and 200mhz to 350mhz decrease frequency, 30% fan speed max ( does not go over 100c, the default fan speed is unbearable). So my GPU tweaking is unlikely the reason for my blue screens based on the fact that it never got any better even with underclocked settings.
I have memory that I run at 3200mhz XMP which was the setting form the manufacturer. I believe my pc ran fine with these memory speeds before I got this GPU.

I have viewed the minidump files on bluescreenviewer and all ( but one ) seem to have been caused by ntoskrnl.exe+3f5210 and they usuually have the error codes of:

One error was caused by rt640x64.sys, but I belive that is not related to the other errors. I tried updating my realtek network drivers, but my internet stopped working afterwards so I uninstalled that.

I would like someone to analyze my minidump files and suggest what the cause of my blue screens are.
I don't know whether it's the GPU or the memory that is causing the issue, I want to figure out for sure so I can either attempt to fix it or RMA my components.
I cannot RMA it now though, unfortunately, because then I won't have anything else to use since it is nearly impossible to get a GPU at a reasonable price.
Below are inormation about my issue:

My PC components:
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard: MSI B450M Gaming Plus
Memory: DDR4-3200 x2 8GB
Storage: Sandisk SSD 256gb, Samsung 850 evo 128GB, WD Blue 1TB.
OS: Windows 10

My latest mInidump files:

Thank you, I will appreciate the help greatly,

PC Tailor

I have run the dump file(s) and you can see the full report(s) in the link below.
If you are prompted to "Run only if trusted" simply click play/run and the html will be viewed. This warning is always present.

Report: JSFiddle

Summary of findings:
Probably caused by : win32kfull.sys
Probably caused by : Unknown_Image ( ANALYSIS_INCONCLUSIVE )
Probably caused by : rt640x64.sys ( rt640x64!MpHandleRecvIntPriVLanJumbo+bd5 )
Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt!PpmPerfRecordUtility+7 )
Probably caused by : Unknown_Image ( ANALYSIS_INCONCLUSIVE )
Notes to consider:
  • rt640x64 is your Realtek internet drivers and appear to be in at least 1 of the crashes. I would update this.


Win 10 Master
strange lan drivers from Jan cause problems
rt640x64.sysRealtekRealtek Ethernet Driver04/01/2021
newest are 4th link down under windows =

there are 2 newer bios, one is in beta but the other should be okay, it could help =
update chipset drivers as well -
update ryzen master as well - open it and go into settings, update from here.