Question Bluetooth audio mutes when mic is open ?


May 30, 2016
Greetings all,

I recently purchased a JBLTUNE 110BT pair of Bluetooth headphones. My aim was to have a pair of wireless headphones to use on my phone and also on my PC to replace my old Logitech headset so I can game while my wife is asleep.

The set pairs well with my phone, so I know they are functional. They paired in the Windows 10 Bluetooth devices menu as well, and I can listen to the computer audio just fine. Tested with YouTube.

However the problem comes when I try to play a game. Running Left 4 Dead 2 and Insurgency Sandstorm the audio mutes. For Sandstorm, local play works as you would expect, but when I go online, it is completely muted at a certain point (audio during initial splash, loading screen, and class select, but once you spawn in goes mute). People can hear me in game when I use push to talk key, and I see the TUNE110BT Hands-Free AG Audio entry under Recording in the Sounds menu for Windows 10.

But I have no audio through the headphones...while this is happening.

Other things I've noticed: there are two JBLTUNE entries under Playback devices in the Sound menu. One comes up as Headphones, one comes up as Headset. The Headset shows Hands-Free AG audio... it only has 1 channel and I cannot change any of the settings for it.

The headphones show as Stereo and I can configure some settings on them (format is locked but can add enhancements, etc.)

In game, I noticed the audio cuts out when the "an app is using your microphone" icon comes on in the system tray.
With the Sound dialog open, under the Playback tab, the headphones "meter" (the green bars next to the name) do show activity. But no audio unless I click on the volume icon in the system tray and choose the other option, the Headset as output,. Then I get sound, but it sounds absolutely god-awful... Telephone quality... locked to the settings as the entry under the Recording tab.

My question is, is this a Windows Setting or a hardware issue with the headset?

What should I look for in a replacement headset? Is it possible to use Bluetooth wireless headphones for audio and mic input without terrible quality?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can provide screenshots or anything else you may need for visual.

I'm going to try in vain and remove everything from device manager and reboot and reconnect. But thank you in advance for any insight.


Issue is how Windows handles the bluetooth audio, headset does sound bad, but usually it's the only way to get those types of headphones working with a mic. I have the same issue with mine. Plus the fact that you are likely to have audio latency issues with them, you are better off using a headset/headphone with it's own dongle or using a wired set.