Question bluetooth being weird


Feb 18, 2017
hi, so i have a red dragon k530 keyboard. i have it connected to my main pc with bluetooth just fine. this device can connect to 3 different bluetooth devices at once. but no matter what i do i cant get it to connect to my racing sim pc. i have disconnected it from my main setup and still nothing but it reconnects to the main setup with ease. my main setup is only using a cheap bluetooth dongle and my racing sim has built in blue tooth. i have tried reinstaling the drivers on my mother board i uninstalled and reinstalled the bluetooth driver and still nothing. also on a side note there are 5 random pcb devies that are giving errors for no drivers but all my devices work just fine. also my keyboard works perfect when plugged in directly to the pc. any help would be nice as i am about to throw the keyboard at the wall at this point.