Question BlueTooth Discovery and Connection Problems

Jun 22, 2020
Hi and hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. I have 2 devices which work perfectly with 3 bluetooth peripherals: an S5e Android tab and a Windows 64 bit Home PC. Both devices will recognize and play the 3 peripherals: JBL mini reflect, skullcrusher, and AKG bluetooth headphones.

The problem: my new PC build, from day one, will not recognize the skullcrusher nor the AKG.
The JBL mini are recognized, display as paired, but fail when connected with a make sure device is discoverable error which is kind of silly since the device is paired.

What i have tried to date in no particular order.
Current version of windows is now 1909, build 18363.900, but i have been through several updates since building this pc (Win 10 PRO 64 bit OEM, Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero (Wi-Fi), Ryzen 9 3900X ). Not using w-fi, just ethernet.

  1. Uninstalled bluetooth and restarted with Microsoft drivers.
  2. Installed 2 versions of ASUS drivers for this mobo, latest ones being June 2020.
  3. Have restarted all bluetooth services (all were enabled and running)
  4. Have run the troubleshooter which claimed it fixed the radio
  5. Have of course, bluetooth on and also the added checkbox Allow bluetooth devices to find this PC
  6. The bluetooth headphones are properly charged and they "talk" saying power on, and indicating they are pairing or discovery on.....(pairing lights flash on and off)
So again in summary, the new PC (the other devices are old/older) is the only device which doesn't recognize or connect with bluetooth headphones. It will pair with the JBL mini reflects only, but will connect for a few seconds and then disconnect.

I'm out of ideas. Thanks!
P.S. I'm assuming that I don't need wifi turned on, but I have anyway (on the motherboard, not taking about my router), right? I have no reason to use wifi on my desktop since it doesn't move and ether net is faster and more secure. But again, it is on.