Bluetooth earphones issues with laptop

Jan 11, 2021
I bought the TWS earbuds ''Soundcore Spirit Dot 2'' some months ago and generally, I'm happy with them.One thing that has been bugging me though, is the connection with my laptop. They are able to connect just fine, but whenever I play video or music, I hear a short distortion in between. This varies between 10 times per minute and 3 I'd say. Also sometimes, they also shift between left and right (sound on one, but not the other) for a second.

I've tried to change my network adapter settings on the laptop. I went to change the preferred band to 5Ghz in order to not let the Wi-Fi and bluetooth frequencies conflict with each other. This did not help. I also went to the network adapter settings and changed the values under the tab ''advanced'' One of these let them work without distortion etc, but this meant that I could only use my earphones with a 5G wifi network, because with this setting, I could not connect to other wifi networks. The earphones work perfectly fine with my brother's lenovo thinkpad laptop, but not with my laptop (HP Elitebook 840 G5. I also called HP and technicians came to replace the wifi/bluetooth module. This did not work and the technician also tried a lot of other things in the settings. Two days later a new HP technician came and replaced several antennas, motherboard etc etc. But still the problem is there.

What can be the problem here? I truly have no idea. I have this laptop for about three years, but I can also connect to my JBL charge 3 speaker without problems, just like older BT earphones (with a wire inbetween, though). The earphones also work perfectly fine on my OnePlus 8T galaxy note 4 and Xiaomi mi 9T phones

Chances that I have a defect pair of earphones are low, as these are already a replacement I got due to different issues.

I hope somone can help me.