News Bluetooth Flaw Enables Tracking on Windows PCs

You might need to change the heading as people will think that it's ONLY Windows 10.
I was going to point that out too. It's kind of a clickbait title when you make it sound like there's a security flaw affecting Windows alone when the first line of the article goes on to describe it as affecting devices running other popular operating systems as well. Why not give it a title like "Bluetooth flaw enables tracking on many devices".

Also, the article doesn't make it clear whether this is even a real concern. Bluetooth typically doesn't have a particularly long range, after all.
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Mar 31, 2017
And it's not even a Bluetooth flaw. The article isn't very precise but it just sounds like a poor implemenation of the address randomization that Bluetooth supports.

And I'm not sure about how serious the issue is. If you are worrying about being tracked, you should turn off your Bluetooth earbuds and anything else you are carrying that uses Bluetooth. I can pretty much guarantee that those devices don't randomize their addresses.