Bluetooth headphones/microphone not reliably showing as sound input/output devices

Jan 21, 2019
Hi all

Recently bought some bluetooth headphones with a mic, for some gaming fun :) Also bought a bluetooth dongle for my PC.

Everything initially seemed to work out the box, but when trying to use them, they kept disconnecting. I then installed the software on the CD that came with the bluetooth dongle. The bluetooth settings didn't seem to change, but then after a reset the headphones connected more reliably and wouldn't keep disconnecting.

Here's the issue:

Each time I want to use the headphones, I have to restart the "bluetooth support service". If I don't, the microphone is not detected, and some of the time, the headphones themselves are not detected. Even though in the bluetooth settings dialog box, it says the headphones are paired and connected.

This fix doesn't even work all the time for the microphone, probably 1 in 3 times, I just have to keep doing it.

For example:

-Start computer.
-Turn on headphones
-Computer says headphones connected in bluetooth settings
-Headphones (if I'm lucky) show as output device but never as input device
-Restart bluetooth support service
-Headphones then appear as an output device and 1 in 3 times (!) as an input device
-Turn off headphones
-Turn on headphones
-Repeat above step of restarting bluetooth support services to get them to show up again

Hopefully the pics below describe this a bit better..

After turning on the headphones, they show as an output device, but not as an input device:

After restarting the bluetooth support service a couple times, this dialog box pops up:

And then tada...bluetooth mic is detected as an input device:

Should the bluetooth headphones be automatically detected as both an input/output device as soon as they're switched on? I wouldn't think this is too much to ask...

I guess worst case I could create a shortcut on my desktop to restart the bluetooth support service!

Any help appreciated :)

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