Question Bluetooth headset audio is choppy


Dec 3, 2017
So I just bought these wirless earbuds,

Jabra Elite Active 65t

And they are great.. but... i can't get them to work with my windows 10 64 bit. I have a ASUS bluetooth 4.0 USB in it.. that I use to connect with the earbuds (which are bluetooth 5.1). The connection goes fine and that seems to work.
It sends the audio to my earbuds, and the quality is fine. However, its very choppy and every few seconds it starts stuttering and gets choppy.

Here's what i tried
  • disabled the intel bluetooth driver in device manager
  • updated the drivers for the Asus bluetooth usb
Funny thing is.. i have another headset (MPOW H5 with buetooth 4.1) and that headset is working fine on my pc, with no choppyness whatsoever...

So im thinking it has to do with the Jabra...

Any ideas what might be wrong? thank you in advance.

Here is my pc info:
CPU: Ryzen threadripper 2950X

Motherboard: X399 DESIGNARE EX

Ram: GSkills 64GB

SSD/HDD: 3x Samsung Evo 970 - 1TB / 3x WD HDD 2TB (raid)

GPU: GeForce GTX1080Ti

PSU: corsair HX1000

Chassis: Fractal Design Define R6

OS: Windows Home 10 - 64 Bit


You might want to see if your motherboard has any BIOS updates pending. Why do you have an additional BT dongle on the Gigabyte board, the board already comes bundled with a wireless adapter which also houses BT. Try and work with that adapter and see if the audio is as you're expecting it to be. On another note, to rule out the Jabra as faulty, pair it with a smart phone or another BT equipped/enabled device and then see if you experience the same choppiness...?