Question Bluetooth headset is too quiet


Nov 21, 2015
(TLDR at end)
So my wired earbuds broke and I had to temporarily resort to a low quality headset I happened to find until I could get a bluetooth adapter to use for my bluetooth headphones. I recently bought an ASUS USB-BT400 for this purpose and it installed well and is able to pair with my headset. Only strange thing is that I have to crank up my PC (Windows 10) to about 70 before sounds from my browser can sound even remotely normal. But the real problem comes when I try to play certain games, and even if I crank both the game and PC up to maximum volume, it still sounds so quiet. Keep in mind that it sounded fine when I used by my old wired earbuds before they broke, and even my cheap temporary headset was fine, albeit that it had a small wheel on it to adjust the volume separately from the PC so I could basically double the volume. But regardless, it just shows that wired headphones were fine.

So from this point, I tried looking everywhere to find a way to increase the volume. Many sites recommended playing with the equalizer in the device manager, the only problem is that I can't even find the equalizer tab on my computer for some reason. I tried looking for a way to make the equalizer tab available but the options needed to do that are not even available or working either. Another strange thing is that whenever I even simply just open the sound options, suddenly the sound quality becomes really bad and grainy, however, the volume becomes normal in games, and then stops when I close out of it. I have no idea why that is happening. Maybe that means something? But also keep in mind that when I use the same headset for my phone that it sounds perfectly fine, so I feel like its not the headset either. This is all extremely frustrating and I need help.

TLDR; My new bluetooth audio setup is really quiet and every solution I could find doesn't work or is unavailable.