Question Bluetooth not working and wifi much weaker after reinstalling Windows 10 on new SSD ?

Jul 24, 2022
I recently reinstalled windows on my ssd and also upgraded the case, ram, and psu. My motherboard is the Hp Odense2-k. (It is from a prebuilt). My gpu is the GeForce gtx 1060 3gb. After installing windows on the ssd I noticed a couple of things:
  1. The Bluetooth no longer works
  2. The wifi connection is much weaker than before.

Things I have tried to fix this:

  • Update and reinstall drivers in device manager
  • Update and download drivers in hp support and intel driver assistant
  • Resetting the PC
  • Tried many windows troubleshooters.
  • Much more that I can’t remember

Any suggestions or possible solutions?
Jul 24, 2022
What WIFI are you using? did you attach the antenna/aerial?
Bluetooth and WIFI often on the same chip, so I think we find both problems are related. Possibly happened when you swapped the case maybe

Motherboard doesn't seem to have any WIFI -

So is it a USB stick or an add on card?
Nope, no Wi-Fi card or usb stick. Don’t think the motherboard has built in wifi either.
motherboard has a m2 wlan key A socket
could be any add in card.
I would put the computer in high Performance mode then reboot and see if the bluetooth/wifi come back. If so then I would be looking for a bug in sleep states. Many old drivers would not go into low power, I expect the new default window drivers do.
most common real fix would be a bios update if you can get one.

you could run this and see if intel detect the card:
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