Question Bluetooth not working correctly - Lagging kbm

Oct 9, 2020
So when I finished my built, the beginning of August this year, I immediately had problems with my wifi. Connecting and everything is working as expected, but after some time (or right away) my mouse is stuttering/jumping from one place to another instead of a smooth transition and when typing on my keyboard (Magic Keyboard Apple) it will delay my input for 1-2 sec and the output wil something be like this:

Rrrrrrrepeatinggggg iiiiiiiinppppuuuuutttttt ssstrrrrrrroookkkkeees

I really did everything like uninstalling drivers, reinstall drivers and all other solutions to be found on (questionable) pages and blogs but I do still have this problem.

For my Logitech MX3 mouse I do use the small dongle which came with the mouse and this one is working perfectly. But for the keyboard I do need to use a cable..