Question Bluetooth problem Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro


Jul 21, 2021
I recently built up a desktop using a Gigabyte Z690 Aorus Pro motherboard, have Windows 11 installed on it. If I try to use the mobo's inbuilt Bluetooth with a Logitech M557 BT mouse I have, the mouse pairs OK, and works, but the mouse pointer on the display is quite erratic - sometimes there's a delay in the pointer on screen moving when the mouse moves, and sometimes the pointer jumps across the screen when the mouse has not moved. I ferreted out an old Broadcom BT dongle I have, disabled the onboard BT, and installed the driver for the dongle, and when I pair the mouse with that it works perfectly.

Win11 is up to date with all updates from MS, and all the drivers from Gigabyte for the mobo are the latest available from their website. The onboard BT is an Intel device, so I also installed the Intel driver support assistant and let it update the BT driver to the latest version from Intel (v22.160.0.4 dated 11/08/2022), but the onboard BT behaviour is the same with that as with the previous drivers from Gigabyte. Any suggestions on why the performance problem with the onboard BT and the mouse?