Question Bluetooth problems


Aug 7, 2019
Hey, I have an HP Elitebook 2560p laptop. The Bluetooth is not working, and I am pretty sure it has Bluetooth capability as I am pretty sure I have used it before with wireless bluetooth keyboards and stuff unless I have gone insane.

Turned on all bluetooth stuff related but nothing still, everytime i restart my laptop not all the services continue to run, i dont know why

Tried out microsoft's troubleshooter and its telling me I dont have bluetooth even tho I am pretty sure it does as I have used bluetooth capability before. I have had this problem for several months now. Can't install new drivers as there are only Windows 7 drivers on HP website and my laptop was upgraded to Windows 10 a few years back. I have attached motherboard information below in the offset I have gone mad and there is no bluetooth on my laptop. What further steps can I do. I have looked through BIOS and bluetooth is on there.