Question Bluetooth/wireless recommendation

Feb 4, 2020
I am looking for a recommendation on a bluetooth/wireless adapater. I would like to use PCIe and keep my USB ports open if possible. M.s is out because I have my HDD there.
Currently I am using a card from Asus, the PCE-AC55BT B1 AC1200 Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 PCIe/Mpcie Adapter and having major issues. Is to the point where I have to run the windows troubleshooter every time I boot to get the bluetooth to work. Windows always shows an error and disables it. I have the latest chipset update from intel. This at least means I don't have to repair a device every time. Occasionally I have to do the same on the wifi. I have contacted Asus but they have been little to no help. I will be connecting the Wifi portion of the card to the board via PCIe riser cable.

If a USB dongle is better, then it will have to go in the rear of the case which will be located inside an entertainment center.


I have had good luck with this one, the Bluetooth has been more stable over the last few months. The only issues I run into now are windows 10 related which requires me to re-pair every few days when coming out of sleep mode. Windows 10 just doesn't handle Bluetooth perfectly. 😕

Use the PCIe adapter you have and just swap out the wireless module itself.

Intel 9260NGW Adapter M.2 Wifi Network Card $16

Other than that the Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I REV seems to be one of the most stable on Windows but I wanted BT 5 for the better battery life and longer range so I picked the above module instead over replacing the entire adapter.

Before you drop in another card or module make sure to purge all related wireless and Bluetooth drivers first.

There are quite a few Dongles out there that are pretty stable but for those, you would be better off using a USB hub and moving it closer to the front of the PC for easier access and better range.