Question Blur busters UFO ghosting test stutters?

Vtec 9000

Jul 20, 2014
Hi all 👋

So - I recently built a new PC with an rtx 4090. I also picked up a new monitor, the Alienware AW2723DF.

Everything is up and running without issues thankfully, however - the UFO ghosting cam test on blur busters website is not syncing with my display - which is driving me slightly insane.

Im using the chrome browser with only one tab open - I’ve tried with gsync on/off - turned on Vsync in the driver settings - lowered my frame rate to 120hz - capped my fps with Riva tuner.

So I’ve literally tried everything I can think of - should this concern me?

I swear I’m seeing stuttering in my games now.

So yip - Please help me if you can. Thank you