Bluray burner and windows 7 LG WH08LS20K


Feb 25, 2005
I'm thinking about buying a BluRay Burner for my computer... quick note- this computer is in my screen printing shop, It is mostly used for graphic work and playing movies while I screen print - so my biggest concern is playing BluRay - I know I can get just a reader - but why? might as well have the burner, too.

Newegg has an LG WH08LS20K on sale

I see mixed reviews - some say they are playing their BR discs some don't. Some say that the software (powerdvd) only plays 2ch audio.

I realize some might not have a proper graphic card or monitor - I have both...

but I can't find anything on one installed on Windows 7.

Will Win7 play Bluray through WMP?

I also have anydvd (the hd version)

any thoughts, suggestions....?

Check with the manufacturer, i.e. their website and see if it is compatible with W7. If it isn't stated outright, check their software and see if it is for W7, that should give you your answer. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work though. With my Bluray player, I use CyberDVD, as WMP will not play blurays. If you want it to, you'll need the correct codecs.


Jan 4, 2010
I noticed that several reviewers stated that it was compatible with their version of Windows 7. I have Windows 7 64 bit and cannot find any information on 64bit compatibility.