[SOLVED] Blurry distorted display Error 43

Apr 21, 2019
Hello. My friend's PC has a i5-3600k, Zotac GTX 760, 16 GB RAM, and and HDD. His PC is like 5-6 ish years old. He was playing GTA V when his computer crashed. After turning on his computer, he had very blurry and pixelated display. When I Teamviewered his PC, it looked normal to me through Teamviewer, but bad through monitor plugged into GPU. I went over to his house and plugged the monitor into the motherboard and it didn't work at first, but worked fine after I checked his BIOS settings and enabled the onboard graphics. I plugged the monitor back into the GPU and booted up into both safe mode and low resolution mode. The display was fine, but at a lower resolution for both. Booting up, it worked fine for like a minute, then became blurry again. I checked in Device manager and it has a yellow exclamation point next to it. The properties say that "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported errors (Code 43)". I uninstalled his drivers and did a clean install of the graphics. driver. After this did not work, I tried multiple previous versions of Nvidia drivers, which also did not work. I tried restore point, which also did not help. He was using DVI cable for the GPU, so we tried both the displayport and HDMI port, which neither port worked at all. Only the DVI worked. My friend then took out the GPU and disassembled it, taking the cover and blower(on accident) out to try to inspect it or whatever. He also took off the heatsink. A couple months back, I had replaced his GPU thermal paste because it was overheating, which the new thermal paste helped. I reapplied thermal paste since he took off the heatsink and reassembled the GPU. When we put it back in, it still worked, but it was stil pixelated. Though this time, only the HDMI port worked, and the DVI did not work. I also checked all Windows settings and the resolution. Could this be a software issue since it works fine, but at a lower resolution in safe mode and low resolution mode, or can the hardware be malfunctioning and he need a new graphics card? Thank you.

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