Question Blurry screen, Nvidia control panel recognises HDMI cable as DVI and DVI as HDMI

Dec 5, 2019

I recently bought a new GPU (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650). I have an old monitor with only a VGA port available, so I had to use an HDMI to VGA adapter and a VGA cable to start things off. Unfortunately, after I had installed the drivers, I found out my image was a bit blurry. Someone could say this is due to the whole "digital to analog thing", but my previous GPU (AMD Radeon 7770) was connected in a similar way (DVI-I to VGA adapter) and worked just fine. I did everything I could to solve this problem but to no avail:

1)I used the DDU to reinstall all the drivers
2)I used a DVI-D to VGA adapter, instead of the HDMI one
3)I checked the resolution settings on Nvidia Control Panel (set to native, as it should be)

While checking these things up, I couldn't help but notice something strange: Nvidia Control Panel recognises my DVI-D to VGA adapter as an HDMI-HDTV connector, and while using the HDMI to VGA adapter, it recognises it as a DVI connector.

Are these things related? Any ideas how should I proceed?

Thanks in advance!