BO2 or Hitman Absolution?


Aug 18, 2012
Ok, today i will buy one of the two games.Really don't know which one.Have played the previous COD games, but never a Hitman game.The only thing that creates my dillema is the cool multiplayer in COD and the lavk of such in Hitman.So which one?


They are totally different games. I don't need to explain COD or BO. Hitman is about strategy & stealth. While you can run & gun it, you'll find it really boring and poorly designed if you do. And Hitman does have a unique multiplayer element, where players across the globe create custom "contracts" and you compete with your set of skills and items to complete them with the best "score". HTH

Note: Hitman Absolution probably has the most intenses hardware, or at the best programmed, to date, scaling with a dozen CPU cores along with GPUs. The only game I can think of where a 6 core 12 thread Sandy Bridge E i7 make a sizable difference in FPS verse the 4 core 8 thread i7 ivy bridge.


Jan 2, 2012
If you like COD then get BlackOps2, you're really comparing 'chalk and cheese' here. Hitman is just so completely removed from the COD style of gameplay. I mean both games have guns and that's pretty much where the comparison ends for me.

in term of gameplay you can't compare the two because they came from totally different genre. if you're asking in term of graphic quality then i think this new hitman game are better than BO2.


Feb 2, 2010
Well i own both games and BO2 is a fun game. I never played the singleplay but the multiplayer is great. Where hitman i only played the first mission finished. Both are good games. If you are looking for a singleplayer experience then hitman is better. But for multiplayer BO2 is way better. Also hitman is a very demanding game. i own a GTX 460 and can only run it at medium on 1920x1080. with 65fps average.