Question BO4 Crashing


Feb 6, 2017
Since Black ops 4 has launched I have been dealing with this problem soon to realize it wasn't worth the time any more so i deleted it and came back to the game recently after playing bo2. Basically what happens is that I press play in the Battle Net launcher and it loads up into a loading screen and crashes. If I am lucky I would be able to load into bo4 and play a game of zombies in custom mutations without editing game rules. Once I edit games rules it crashes as soon as i get on to the loading screen of the zombies game. Also when me and my friend play on the same network in custom mutation it crashes regardless on the loading screen. I have tried most of the things that you would find on YouTube but no luck. for some reason this works on my laptop which has an i5 and a mx150 but doesn't work on my desktop which has a 1080ti, and an r7 1800x. If someone can please help I will give you a high five. Thx