board/ram with best stability?


Sep 27, 2007
Ok, I'm in the market for a new system. The other components:

Intel C2D E6750 G0/1333fsb
DDR2 800 Cas4 (DDR3 too expensive right now)
Zalman 9700 NT
eVGA 7800GT

My priorities:

1.) Stability
2.) Upgradability to Penryn
3.) Performance/Price (I con't want to OC or try to squeeze everything out of the board, I want stability)
4.) Quiet Rig

I have usually purchased MSI boards, since 1998 or so, but lately their quality seems to be dropping off. My Athlon 1Ghz on an MSI board could go for weeks in Windows 98 without a hiccup, but my latest Neo4 platinum/X2 never worked for more than a couple of days and gave me constant troubles with stability.

What is a good bet for board with the above? What brand and chipset? Are p35s the only thing that will support Penryn or will nVidia do so with the 5xx series?

Also, I've also purchased OCZ memory in the past. Are they still good?