boot error, windows 10 flash drive problems

Dec 9, 2018
Hold on because this is about to be a ride.Starting off, System specs:
Ryzen7 1700x
Mobo: X370GTN
RAM:GSK F4-3200C14D (x2)
GPU:Radeon R9 295X2
Power: Supernova 1000 G2
Liquid cooled

New build, Samsung SSD 840 had Windows 7 on it (hand me down but still working).

Problem 1:
boot up in windows 7, all is hunky dory, but.... no power to USBs. at all. cool, mouse and keyboard obviously do not work. note, I do not have a PS/2 mouse or keyboard but one is on the way from amazon). back to bios, everything is enabled. Mouse and keyboard work great in BIOs, so, Windows issue, right? CPU is not W7 compatible. Get flash drive from microsoft (I did not configure nor was this ever used before) for windows 10.

Well, this leads to problem 2:
Plug in, instantly get the message "BOOTMGR corrupted. cannot boot" or something to that effect. Back to BIOs.
Secure boot: disabled
Boot option, set to UEFI: KDI-MSFTWindows......
Boot optin 2: Samsung
get to the boot option window, choose Windows 64bit, same error, I try Windows 32, same issue.
I can still boot to Windows 7 but USB's dont work so... back to drawing board.

Nothing works in Safe mode. so command prompt is useless without a keyboard.

try again, setting USB config in BIOs to read the flash as a CD Rom. I get a little further and... boot error. 0xc0000098 citing windows file. Tells me to "insert installation and select repair" great. this IS my installation. soooo......... what can I do?

What is annoying:
-obviously all the answers saying "USB is an option in windows and you need to set it..." doesnt work because in order to do that I need to have some input into the computer.
-I cannot reliably get into advanced options via F8 (I have only gotten it twice out of the 500 times I have restarted by some magical combo of F1 and F8.
-the fact that I have this great machine that just doesnt want to work on Windows 7 and now Windows 10 just isnt booting from the installation "disk"

I am a newbie and I am at my wits end. I have tried everything I can think of including removing my SSD to give it no choice but to boot from the drive and it still wont work.

Please please please help!
Your platform is not compatible with Windows 7. I think you may know that now.
The Windows 10 installation you got from Microsoft it is corrupted (damaged), so you need to create your own. It happens more often that what we like to see.

Create a Windows 10 installation media from Microsoft website.
click the Download tool now button and run it, and on the What do you want to do?, select Create installation media for another PC
You will need a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space.

When done creating the installation media, plug the USB flash drive to a USB 2.0 port on your PC and boot from it.
During setup select I don't have a product key..
When you finish the setup you could activate Windows 10 using the key from Windows 7 you have or the key that came included with the Microsoft USB.
During Windows installation make sure only the disk you are installing Windows is connected to the motherboard.

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