Question Boot-fail triggers infinate reboots with recurring (rhythmic) fail/retry. Retries will persists through PSU-power-off!

Niklas Ternvall

Jul 11, 2015
Hey Toms,

For years, I've had this odd issue where my desktop fail to boot. Rarely and irregularly.

I will know directly when it happens. The bootup normally sounds for few secounds but it will be cut off midway through.relämf
Boot-failure will result in a dead silence, for a while, before it re-trying/-failing. This will continue, for hours.
The period inbetween boots will be constant and rather long; ~30s.
Then the fans spins and the light blinks as if it was booting normally.

This happens irregullarly, about once a month.
The solution has been to shut off the PSU, manually, and then reboot. Its comon that the issue reoccure but that can also vary alot.
It must be shut, exactly during a boot-retry, else it will continue once the power is turned back on. This is what I find the most strange!

Once the full 3-sec boot is completed, the comupter will run without any crashes. I.e. boot is the only issue.

Either its an issue with the PSU or the motherboard.
  • PSU :
    • Model: Aero Cool Templarius Imperiator 750
    • Suspition: Faulty relay causing initial- issue and retries.
  • Motherboard:
    • Model: ASROCK H67M-GE
    • Suspition: Bios/boot-stuff damaged.
Recently I had a different (simular, more severe) boot-issue so I decided to do a component upgrade. I'm not sure what component to change.
Upgrading the motherboard will entail many additional upgrades.
The PSU is my most recent purchase so I rather not changing it unnecessarily.