Question Boot Failure Detected/PC Freezing After Being Idle For Several Hours


Aug 16, 2017
I’ve been having a persistent problem with my pc and cannot seem to find a solution. If I leave the computer on idle for about 24 hours the whole pc will freeze including all the rgb in my peripherals and pc components and I will have to do a hard restart. If my computer goes into sleep mode the next time I wake it I will be in bios and this message pops up:

“Boot failure detected. The System has experienced a boot failure possibly due to incorrect configuration. Previous settings In bios may not be compatible with current hardware state.”

I will then have to load optimized defaults and reboot and then everything works fine. It never freezes or crashes while I’m using it only when I step away for hours and it’s either running idly or goes into sleep mode.

This issue only started happening when I got a new 3080 and since seeing this message I am now wondering if there’s a bios setting I may need to change? I can’t seem to find any other cause or way to fix this. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

My specs:
Gigabyte Aorus Z490 Ultra
Intel i9 10900k
Msi gaming x trio etc 3080
Samsung 970 evo 1tb nvme ssd
Corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gb 3600mhz
Corsair rx1000 watt power supply