Boot issues after installing new graphics card


Aug 31, 2011
I have an older (about 5 years) home-built desktop I bought from a friend that I am having issues with. About a month ago, it started freezing up while doing anything with video/graphic heavy, then randomly every 5 minutes to five hours, even in safe mode. Switched to the onboard card and no longer experience issues display-wise aside from the expected lag, yet a new problem arose. I went to replace the old graphics card, a Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT, first with a HIS Radeon HD 4670 and then with a PNY Nvidia GeForce GT 430.

When I try to start the computer after installing the new card, it freezes at the BIOS screen shortly after booting the usb devices (text in corner of screen read A5). I've tried updating the bios, reinstalling drivers, etc. When I put the old card back in, it boots and runs windows fine (just freezes later, as mentioned above). I want to think it's a motherboard or graphics bus issue, but then why does the system boot with the old card?

I'm a bit of a novice, and was previously planning to build a new system with a roommate this coming spring as it were, but those plans look to be occuring sooner. Current system was used as a personal computer and light gaming until recently.

Intel Core2Duo 6400 @ 2.13 GHz,
Q965 chipset
3 GB RAM, 688 GB HDD space
32-Bit Windows 7 OS
Graphics bus: PCIe 1.0
500 Watt PSU

Thanks in advance.

all pcie is designed to be backwards compatable regardless of version, its sometimes older BIOS's that have problems. I dont think thats the issue since he has 3 gfx cards not working. I suspect faulty ram or motherboard. Try with just one stick of ram, then try another stick on its own to rule out this issue.