Question Boot Issues After Replacing Laptop Motherboard

May 14, 2023
So I thought I'd try my hand at replacing my laptops motherboard. It's an FX503-VM ASUS laptop. The original motherboard was the i5-7300HQ variant, but, was faulty. The replacement motherboard is the i7-7700 HQ variant.

Initially, when I replaced the motherboard the system was not powering on so I left it to charge for a while and when I came back the laptop had powered on. Everything seemed to be working fine until I shutdown the laptop. It immediately powered back on and continued to do so. I then reset Windows. Now the laptop does shutdown, but does not power back on when the power button is pressed.

I disassembled the laptop and then reassembled it and it once again turned on without me pressing the power button. After this I noticed that even when the laptop is turned on the power button doesn't seem to do anything whether I press it or hold it down for a long time. The light on the power button works normally and the button is not stuck.

Is this likely to just be an issue with the power button itself or could the new motherboard be faulty or something else like BIOS settings?

When I disassembled the laptop I couldn't see where the power buttons cable was/how to get to it so if anyone could help with that too that'd be appreciated.