Question Boot light on - Z390

Jan 20, 2021
I removed the GPU from the pc, put it back and now it won't work.

At first, there was no display. I removed the GPU and used the onboard ports and there was still no display.

The computer is clearly booting at this point. All fans including cpu fan are spinning perfectly.

After researching, I removed the Battery for 5 minutes, put it back and now the boot light and the VGA light are on.

I removed all the RAM and started the PC and there was NO beep. RAM is as snug as a bug on a rug. I tried 1 ram, swapped it, N64 blew in it... nothing.

How bad did I break it?

1080 GeForce.
I dont know the PSU brand but its a 600 watt. More than enough
Ram - ddr4 corsair
Mobo - z390 Prime.
Jan 20, 2021
Why did you remove the GPU in the 1st place?

Which 1080 is it?

Remove the GPU, reset the BIOS by jumper clear CMOS /JBAT or similar, connect the Monitor to the motherboard and try powering on the PC
I removed it to out it in another PC for troubleshooting.. the other PC is fine now-.-
Its a GeForce 1080. I dont know the rest of it. I'd tell you if I could into the computer management lol.
Ill try the Jumper.
did you jump it while the system was unplugged from the wall?

try a minimum setup
one RAM, motherboard with CPU and cooler+fan, PSU, keyboard, monitor in motherboard´s video port
reset the BIOS again

Check the PCIe slot for damages. Try a different GPU.

Are all power plugs still in place? Check all again.