Question Boot Loop after installing new motherboard


Jan 23, 2020

i7 9700kf
cooler master AIO
16gb ddr4 2400mhz ram
gigabyte h310m h mobo
EVGA 650W GQ (210-GQ-0650-V1)


My brother's PC randomly shut off and wouldn't turn back on, so after testing things it turned out to be the motherboard. After buying and installing a new motherboard, the system DOES turn on now, but boot loops. It will either show the windows logo and state "Preparing Automatic Repair" but either freeze or just boot loop from this, do nothing and boot loop indefinitely, or display either a BSOD stating "Stop Code: Machine Check Exception" or "Kmode Expection Not Handed" (no code given for either).

From what I've read, these BSODs seem to be driver related, so if I can find a way to wipe the ssd and reinstall windows will it likely be fixed? I tried to boot from the windows media creation tool on a usb, but it just boot loops indefinitely with nothing shown on screen (besides bios logo into a black screen). I tested the usb on a laptop and it DOES work, so I doubt there is corrupted files on the USB.

This has been happening before AND after flashing the latest BIOS version.

I Might be able to get the ssd into another system to wipe it, but is it dangerous if it has mismatching drivers from different hardware and/or corrupted files (Windows and personal files)?

Many thanks.
With a new motherboard, you will definitely want to do a full fresh install of Windows 10. There's plenty of info available on how to create the install media onto a USB drive. It may be required to create that from a working PC. You will probably also need to enter into your BIOS and tell it to boot from USB, not the Hard drive. Also, only have the hard drive you want Windows to be on connected in your system..temporarily disconnect any additional drives until the process is finished.
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