[SOLVED] Boot loop and GPU problems ?


Mar 21, 2020
Hello everyone,

currently I am having rather weird problems withm my PC. Two days ago, I have decided to clean my PC, as it has been quite a long time since I've done that. I have cleaned all the fans, etc. When I tried putting everything back and turning the PC on, it wouldn't turn on and just kept restarting. Then, I tried removing the CPU fan and putting it in again. That seemed to fix the problem. However, after around 6-7 hours of usage the PC turned off again and started rebooting itself without turning on normally (it was stuck in a boot loop).

I have tried removing every part that I have cleaned and putting them back again, but that did not help. Then I have tried removing RAM and inserting them back again. That seemed to fix the problem of the boot loop and the PC turns on (every fan is spinning and the inside of the PC works normally), however, none of the external devices work. The monitor just shows black screen, none of the USB devices (mouse, keyboard) are being detected. I have tried researching for possible solutions and here's the things that I have tried:
  1. Removing GPU and trying to boot with integrated graphics card.
  2. Removing CPU, PSU, GPU and putting themback again.
  3. Unplugging everything from the motherboard and plugging eveything back again.
  4. Resetting the CMOS by removing the battery.
  5. Trying to boot with only one inserted RAM (both were tried).
Now, the interesting part is that I have another very old GPU and I have tried to start my PC with it. Using this GPU the PC turned on, monitor started displaying everything and USB devices worked as well. However, after about 1 hours the PC started rebooting itself again. I have tried removing it and connecting my normal GPU, but the previous problem (not the boot loop, but no display and devices not being detected) happened again. Then I have tried connecting the old GPU again and it turned on normally. Using it, I have tried removing the display drivers with DDU, but the problem with my normal GPU is still the same.

I would think that maybe my GPU is at fault, but the same problem happens with the inbuilt graphics. I just don't understand why does my PC work with the old GPU ?

Did I mess up when cleaning my PC? What could have caused this boot loop? Why currently there is no boot loop but none of the external devices work? Is there some way to fix this?

Any help would be appreciated!


Oct 25, 2017
I had almost same weird experience with my previous PC (difference is that, my PC wouldn't restarting itself). If I would turn it off, unplug and clean it even without removing parts and then plug it back and try to turn it on, it wouldn't have a signal on monitor and was stuck in endless loop of restarting (fans and everything was working). I had this system: i7 3770k, MSI Z77 G-45 Gaming motherboard, 16GB DDR3 of G.Skill Trident X & Gigabyte GTX 1070.

This problem first occurred when I bought this new GPU - Gigabyte GTX 1070. On the very first day when I put it in my PC, it didn't post and started this endless restarting without monitor signal. I don't remember what helped, but something happened and finally it booted normally. I thought this problem was gone, but when time came to clean my PC and turned it off and cleaned and then put it back, this weird phenomenon started again. I tried everything, took out memory sticks, put them back, put out GPU, put it back, nothing helped. I turned it off, went to take a shower and when I came back and tried to turn it on, it worked again. Another weird thing is that if I wouldn't unplug my PC and wouldn't clean it up, this problem wasn't occurring. So, it became a common thing that if I would turn my PC off and unplug for cleaning, there was a quite good chance that this problem would happen & it was happening.

Later, my cat peed in my PC and motherboard got damaged so badly that I had to build a new PC, so I upgraded my CPU, motherboard and RAM and since that I never encountered this problem & hope I never will (fingers crossed). I still didn't figure out why it was happening and what was causing it. It still remains mystery for me. What's more interesting that, I have seen similar threads here on this forum & in other forums too, so seems like we're not the only ones with such problem.

EDIT: Just googled this problem more and found another case similar to this. Author says, he changed the motherboard and it worked, however when he tried different CPU on his motherboard, problem still existed. And considering the fact that I changed motherboard, CPU and RAM, makes me to think that this endless looping problem comes from the motherboard. This is my guess.
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