Question Boot Looping

Jan 19, 2020
I built my first computer 2 days ago.
Parts :
Cpu: Amd Ryzen 2600 with stock cooler
Mobo: Asrock b450m pro4-f
Psu: Corsair cx 550
Ram: Corsair Vegeance 16 gigs 3000 mhz
Gpu: Sapphire rx 590 nitro + 8 Gb
Hdd: Seagate barracuda 1tb
Ssd: Adata su650 120 gb.
Case: Phanteks eclipse p300

So the problem is that after i built my computer i pressed the power button and it started but no signal went to my mouse , keyboard and monitor. Then my pc shutted off and went on again and started looping. Im only 13 yo old boy so i did everything i could. I Took everything out and putted it back , check all the cables like 4 times. Took my gpu out and tried to boot (didnt work). Then i took my ram sticks out ( didnt work) , i also tried every channel on the board and tried to boot with 1 stick of ram (didnt work). Then i took everything out of the case and tried to spot the problem outside the case . I took my gpu out and tried to boot (didnt work) so it couldnt be the psu. Then i took my cpu out and but it back (didnt work). Also everytime i tried to plug something into the mother board (mouse, keyboard, usb stick) none of them worked. My monitor didnt give any signal i tried to plug the hdmi to motherboard also, and tried diffrent cables. It Keeps boot looping and i cant do anything. Please help me