Question Boot only when it want

Nov 24, 2019
Hi !
Sorry for the long post to come but i want to clarify my issue.
I have a rig with :
I7 3370k
Asus p8z77 v-le
Msi gtx 1660 ti changed a month ago from a 680
2 dominator ram 2x8

Few month back i started to have issue with my pc not booting. No buttons so i start it by making contact with a ñiece of metal between the pin, the one to start, and somehow it only boot and make the red light by making contact between the reset pin.
I know it's weird but i got used to it.
A month ago it really just didnt worked at all i spent 2 day trying to boot it all day, after lots of try it worked and finnaly boot. I was so scare not to be able to do it again i didn' turned it of for a month.
Yesterday i tried to update drivers on my GPU, then it freezed, i had to boot it again but its not booting anymore. I got the red light on mobo from time to time, but no "boot beep".
Any recommendation? I think it is the mobo, but atm i can't rrally buy a new one and i would like to make it run at leasy a while longer. Thank you all !
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