Question Boot option priorities only one option

Sep 25, 2019
Hey people. Hope to be posting on the right topic forum, otherwise, let me know, please.

So I was wanting to format my hard drive which was with windows from another machine and was giving incompatibility here. The first time everything went well. However, I had restarted improperly and I came back to start the process all over again. When I entered bios to set the correct order, it just presents me with a priority option. Before they had more. And now, as it is only one, any of the options that I put and try to start pops up a message for me to go back to bios and select a correct boot form.

And she even recognizes the HD on sata. However, it does not give me priority of the amount due.
It shows that I have the HD connected but I can set it to next priority step, them it crash because it has only option to follow.
My motherboard: KZK H61-B
can anyone help me? I really need.