boot problem at mitac


Aug 8, 2002
I got a old Mitac 5033H notebook. It has a 200MMX prosessor and 32Mb of ram. (WOW!)
Today I disabled the boot up password and changed boot sequency from "c: only" to "CDrom than c:" in bios. than i select "save and exit". But it doesn't boot anymore. on display occurs the buttom screen, than the computer shuts off suddenly.

SystemSoft BIOS for Intel 430TX Version 1.01 (2482-00
Copyright 1983 - 1996 SystemSoft Corp. All Rights Reserved

Base Memory 000640 KB
Extended Memory 031744 KB
Total Memory 032384 KB

Wow, I just upgraded one of those to a K6-2 500 desktop processor underclocked to 400MHz and using the 1.9v core/2.5v I/0 to reduce heat to normal levels! Anyway, you may have to reset BIOS to get it up.

The multiplier and voltage switches are under the CPU if you want to upgrade (after you get it fixed). If it's using the Mobile Pentium MMX, it's already at 1.9v core/2.5v I/O. Many low end manufacturers used Desktop processors, which were 2.8v/3.3v, you would need to change some voltage settings. The K6-2 will run at 400MHz using the multiplier for the Penitum 133 (2x66.6MHz), because the faster K6-2 has a built in 2x=6x conversion. The jumper settings can be found at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. Some more info can be found at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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