Question Boot problem if more than one stick of RAM is installed ?

Jul 31, 2021
okey, first of all im sorry if this is a duplicate i havent found any solutions yet and wanted to ask myself mby there is someone who could help me out.

my problem is that my pc only starts with 1 ram stick in the A1 or A2 slot. If I install 2 or more the pc turns on but the dram light stays yellow and it wont completely boot up.
I tried every ram stick single channel so they‘re not broken as it seems.
I resetted my bios, updated my bios… I even tried adding more dram voltage and define the frequency manually because it said 2133mhz in bios which is standard i guess?

i really dont know what there is left to do ?

asus rog strix b450 f-gaming
ryzen 7 2700x
corsair vengeance pro rgb 4x8gb 2666mhz
nzxt kraken x52 cooler
geforce 1060 6gb (dont think is necessary)

thanks for everyones help i hope there is someone to fix my problem.
Hi mjvnts (y)and Welcome to the forum:D

Is your RAM kit listed on the MB QVL as a single kit that are tested?
If not sure then list the P/N.
They should work at 2666Mhz and if this continues then I would suspect the MB RAM slots.
There should be an XMP profile in Bios. Have you tried that?