Boot Problems


Dec 6, 2008
Thanks for any help I can get on this. I'm drawing blanks on google searches.

I found out that one of our office computers had a bad hard drive. So, I went ahead and bought a new Samsung and plugged that baby up. Then, I installed XP on it and moved over the files. Well, I finally got around to taking the old hard drive out. When I do, it won't boot. I've changed everything over in the BIOS and nothing doing.

I've tried going into Windows Recovery from the boot disc and I noticed two things after plugging the old hard drive back in.

1) In the Recovery disc, it labels the old hard drive (which is labeled C: in Windows) as D:\ and it labels the newer hard drive (which is labeled E: in Windows) as C:\.

2) When I type /bootcfg /scan in the recovery console, it only shows one installation of Windows and that is on the old harddrive. Obviously I have it installed on the new hard drive also.

How would I go about getting the boot loader or whatever else I need onto the new harddrive so that I can take out the old one? Thanks.


May 5, 2009
I can't fully answer that but I think it is related to your boot.ini. You can 1.) view the raw file, 2.) view it in Start, Run, MSCONFIG 3.) I think there are applications for this too.
That should get you started.
Backup your data to a 3rd drive - then the worst that can happen is that you install XP again, but with only 1 drive installed. Then connect the other drive and re-copy the data.
Good luck.

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